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COLOR ME DOODLE STIX take coloring pages for kids to a whole new level (adult coloring too)! Use crayons and/or (permanent or washable) makers to color before or after applying.

Color Me Doodle Stix

This little Ballyhoo Babe L❤️VES our Doodle Stix! ⁣
Step 1: Pick your art tool of choice: crayon or marker⁣
Step 2: Find your favorite place to color —- wall, floor, upside down, standing on one foot, etc.⁣
Step 3: Stick your Stix where everyone can see...over and over again. They’ll stick to the wall as many times as those little hands pull them and place them! ⁣
This little guy likes the rhino the best, but we have lots of animal options! They make great gifts too!! ⁣


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