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Pet Stix (Pet Prints) are original images of YOUR pet that you send to us and we graphically manipulate to create a one of a kind piece of vinyl wall art.

Dog Art. Cat Art. And other pets too! 

Pet Stix

Here are just a few Pet Stix we have created for our customers!

Here’s Louie! Oh my gosh, what’s not to love? We added a little underpainting and did some cartoonizing to create this  charming and fun version of Louie’s original image.

Awwww- here's a sentimental treasure of Benzi the Bulldog chillin' . We added some colorization and oil paint effects to create this adorable dog wall art.

Pet Stix Louie

Hannah preferred a modern pop twist for her  image and  it turned out super cute! Lackadaisical kind' day! 

Pet Stix Hannah ad Louie
Pet Stix Benzi

Hercules is crazy 'bout  his Marine, Ellis! It’s as if their image was meant to be in a Graphic Novel so that’s what we did. We graphically novelized this duo!  

Pet Stix Jacob and Hercules

Click Pet Stix below - add size to cart - see uploading images options and checkout! We'll send you proofs of various graphic manipulations and you will choose your favorite! Usually takes 2-3 days to process once you have chosen your favorite. We'll be in contact through out the proofs process until you are perfectly happy with your Pet Stix!! 

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